Myolift™ MD

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  1. Myolift MD Professional Microcurrent Device
  2. ATP Booster Gel Mask
  3. Restore Anti-aging Conductive Gel with Bio-Active Complex
  4. ReNu Conductive Tx Gel for Dry Skin
  5. Replenish Hydrating Conducting Spritzer
  6. 6-Eye Mask Conductive Patch
  7. 6-Lip Mask Conductive Patch
  8. 6-Forehead Conductive Patch
  9. Brochure Bundle
  10. Online Certification Course
  11. One on One Training

MyoLift MD Eight Waveform Patterns

7E Wellness has taken the guess work out of micorcurrent treatment applications with calibration selection of eight waveform patterns for selective conditions such as facial toning, muscle re-education, addressing fine lines, wrinkles, acne conditions, eye edema, skin dehydration, neck contour, and skin refinement.

From the waveform patterns, intensity levels to the timing, professionals can now be content and reassured that the correct protocol is being applied for the client's specific conditions.

An optimal feature of the MyoLift MD is in working with the programs. It will automatically advance to the next waveform pattern when the calibrated time is complete. A “BEEP” will sound to acknowledge that a new waveform will be starting.

Features and Benefits of MyoLift MD

There are countless features and benefits when utilizing Myolift MD Micorcurrent.

  • Manufactured with state of the art modern technology for optimum results.
  • Ultimate microamp range up to 800 microamps.
  • Proven to be effortless and comprehensive to use for immediate results.
  • Offers immediate and long-term result with an effective plan of treatment.
  • Calibrated with 7 built-in preset prole options to target all client’s needs.
  • Countless tailored treatment options for specific target areas. Reasonably priced and affordable for any size of practice.
  • Upgrade available as the technology advances
  • Provides and pre and post operative protocols for exceptional healing
  • Establishes muscle re-education for laxed muscle and retexturizes for skin refinement
  • Encourages continuous client/patient visit through positive results

When you purchase the device we will be providing you the professional access to our portal which will have:

  • Understanding True Microcurrent
  • MD Operational Manual
  • MD Beauty Protocol Manual
  • MD Training Manual
  • Introduction videos
  • Training videos
  • ATP Booster mask guide
  • Conductive treatment gel guide
  • Facial Muscle chart

Manufactured, Imported and Marketed by:

7e wellness India Pvt. Ltd.

140/2, Ring Rd Square Musakhedi, Musakhedi, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001

Country of Origin: India