CEO MyoLift Mini Update | June 19, 2020

A message from 7E Wellness Ceo, Pooja Johari

To our valued community,

I am thankful to you for making the commitment to 7E MyoLift™. We are overwhelmed to see your love pouring into our devices, protocols, educational resources and digital community.

I started 7E with one vision and goal to provide non-invasive TRUE microcurrent which can deliver results and provide long lasting positive effect on the health of your skin. I have been lucky enough to piece together a small, but talented and diligent team at 7E of just 10 hard-working employees. Our team works not only to educate on our technology, but to manage all aspects of our business and customers. We are not perfect but we are committed to making our customers (you!) feel empowered.

We are overwhelmingly grateful to have built such a large community which has grown exponentially in the past few months. While many businesses and companies in our industry temporarily closed due to Coronavirus, our company were gifted with massive order increases as skincare enthusiasts and professionals alike flocked to at-home facial modalities like microcurrent. This led to unexpected challenges in the form of keeping up MyoLift™ Mini supplies.

Furthermore, our production facility in India was forced to shutdown. This, followed by logistic delays faced when the customs department was backlogged and international flights were not fully functional.

Although we acted quickly to meet the remarkable (and celebrated!) rise in demand for our powerful MyoLift™ Mini True Microcurrent machine, we were still faced with an increase in lead time due to these challenges.

We have temporarily halted opportunities to purchase MyoLift™ Mini until we can be sure we have a surplus of inventory available for the growing demand. MyoLift™ Mini has not been discontinued. Once we have our inventory fully replenished, we will open our online shop for MyoLift™ Mini purchases! We are aware of the disappointment our customers and followers are facing during this delay. We are still committed to ship all open orders within 15 days. Our hope is that you will continue to show patience and positivity with us a little while longer as we work to understand the new expectations from our audience.

However if you are not happy with these delays we will be more than happy to refund your order. 

We thank you and wish you health!
Warmest Regards,
Pooja Johari, CEO of 7E Wellness