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Redefining the Future of Aesthetics

7E Wellness Educational Systems are designed to raise the bar in microcurrent education. Developed by a team of educational leaders,7E has perfected each class with lesson plans, presentations, trainingmanuals and supporting certification material for your students’comprehension and technical skills.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Schools are in immediate need of a company that understands the academic structure of learning and teaching for esthetics. It is no secret that your academic organization requires a high-integrity company that offers both quality professional devices & a concrete curriculum that caters to today's esthetics industry.  7E Wellness has heavily researched the education aspect of our professional beauty industry and developed a unique & in-depth microcurrent educational curriculum for esthetics & cosmetology schools of the modern age. 

Our 7E educational systems focuses on

Faculty Support

Through enriched presentations and instructions notes for consistent delivery of information

Digital Education Portal

Our tried and true educational delivery system for True Microcurrent education

Providing Ongoing Support

To guarantee the most up-to-date & effective information and materials are available to you and your students  

Clearly Convey Objectives

With each prepared and carefully  crafted lesson


In meeting your school’s curriculum goals

Technology for Superior Education

As educators of aesthetics, we understand the importance of the integrity and confidence behind education in the classroom.

Using our FDA-cleared technology, we have designed a MyoLift™ Microcurrent educational program that is comprehensive and well rounded, keeping all styles of aesthetics curriculum in mind


Our Mission

7E Wellness mission is to introduce quality devices and products along with an emphasis on technology and protocol education into the hands of skin care professionals. 7E Wellness manufactures the market’s most advanced professional microcurrent devices; MyoLift™ Mini, MyoLift™ 600 and MyoLift™ MD (Master Device). We understand that education is the primary function of the schools in preparing the students for a career in the aesthetics and cosmetology industries. 7E Wellness is prepared to establish a professional relationship with your aesthetics facility and its students!

"Our devices deliver maximum results for all skin types and skin conditions"

We’ve got your back!

The 7E Wellness Educational System is designed to make life easier for aesthetics educators and their students. This state approved program comes with all the materials necessary to increase your students opportunity for gainful employment and mark your academy among the elite.

  • Reliable, high-quality Digital Student Portal, updated as technology and information advances develop
  • Hands-on education utilizing the most advanced clinical aesthetics technology
  • FDA-Cleared, safe and effective technologies
  • Lesson plans
  • Course Syllabus
  • Handouts
  • Protocols
  • & more!