MyoLift™ | Best Microcurrent Machine for Estheticians

7E MyoLift True Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent for Estheticians

The Best Microcurrent machine for

7E Wellness offers elite, professional grade True Microcurrent machines. We support estheticians, weight-loss centers, medical spas and spa owners with education, training and ongoing innovative protocols that provide results using our FDA-cleared and non-invasive products.


MyoLift Mini True Microcurrent Machine for Estheticians

MyoLift™ Mini

7E MyoLift™ Mini is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven microcurrent machine for beauty professionals. This True Microcurrent technology exercises the facial muscles and re-educates them. This is the best microcurrent therapy machine for estheticians looking to expand their menu of services to include microcurrent. Treatments are easy to learn and use while still delivering outstanding results to your clients. See professional grade results with this portable and affordable machine!


MyoLift 600 True Microcurrent machine for estheticians

MyoLift™ 600

The 7E MyoLift™ 600 is the latest FDA-Cleared True Microcurrent™ machine from 7E Wellness designed exclusively for professional use. Delivering intensity ranging from 175 to 600 microamps, this machine sets a standard for non-invasive, antiaging technology. MyoLift™ 600 grants esthetics practitioners the ability to provide long-lasting, natural facial lifting and toning results. This powerful True Microcurrent machine for licensed estheticians and spa professionals is a perfect tool to add to your practice.


You must provide licensing information to 7E before we ship your device.

MyoLift MD True Microcurrent machine for estheticians

MyoLift™ 600

MyoLift™ MD is our advanced machine for licensed professionals who are ready to offer the best of the best. In terms of intensity and customization with True Microcurrent, this device offers the widest range of possibility when it comes to facial lifting and toning treatments. This is the machine for you if you're a professional esthetician ready for the advanced True Microcurrent capabilities of MyoLift™ MD (Master Device). You must provide your licensing information to the 7E Team before we ship out your MyoLift™ MD.


In-House Financing options available. You must provide licensing information to 7E before we ship your device.