MyoLift QT Customer Support

MyoLift QT™ Customer Support


Congratulations on becoming a MyoLift™ microcurrent device owner! We know this is a big step in your wellness so we have designed this support portal to ensure you have access to all the information you need. If your questions or concerns are not answered in this page, please contact 7E Wellness Headquarters by email at or by phone at (888) 412-3160

What’s in your MyoLift™ QT Box

Let's make sure you have everything. When your MyoLift™ QT delivery arrives, you should have the following items included in your package:
• MyoLift™ QT Smart Current™ Handheld device
• Conductive Lip Mask
• Conductive Eye Mask
• Conductive Forehead Mask
• 2oz ReStore Conductive Tx Gel
• Lead Wire
• Charging Wire
• Reminder Card with App QR Codes + Warranty Information
Does it look like you're missing something? Make sure to connect with our team via phone or email and have your order number on hand for a speedy resolution!


Registering your Device

When you register your MyoLift™ QT device on our website using the link below, you will automatically unlock an extra year of warranty coverage as well as 10% off your next online order. Your 10% coupon code will be emailed to you within 24 hours of registering your device.
Registering your device also unlocks your customer support training portal for MyoLift QT on the 7E Wellness website, allowing you to take full advantage of ongoing 7E customer education.


First Launch: Creating your Account

When you first open your MyoLift™ QT app you will see our welcome videos. Please watch these before moving forward! These videos will answer common FAQs and share important information about your device.
After watching your welcome videos you have the opportunity to create your account and set up your login credentials. We strongly recommend writing your login credentials down somewhere. If you forget or misplace your login credentials you will need to recreate an account. You cannot use the same user ID email as you did before.
When you're setting up your account you will be able to log personal details like what your trouble areas are, your skin type and more! You can review or edit these fields later on by selecting "My Profile" from the app menu.
Once account setup is complete you will be re-routed to the main dashboard of the MyoLift™ QT app. This dashboard should display a variety of treatment options (example: Forehead Mask Treatment 10 Mins, Conductive Gloves, Quick Treatment 5 Mins).

Connecting your Device to the App

Treatments with the MyoLift™ QT device will require the smartphone app. You will be able to download the MyoLift QT™ app on both iOS and Android devices.
To connect your MyoLift™ QT device, make sure your Bluetooth on your smartphone is turned on and ready to connect once you are ready to begin your Smart Current™ treatment.

Forgot login Credentials?

If you forget your login credentials you will need to recreate an account. You will not be able to use the same user ID email as you did before. For this reason it's very important to write down your original login credentials and save them somewhere you will not forget.

Note: Educate and Erase terms are used in this video but your device may reflect Stretch and Lift. The waveform is the same, this is just a change in terminology we have made since the creation of this video.

The MyoLift QT warranty is one year from the original date of purchase. MyoLift QT devices are warranted to the original consumer for a period of one year. The device is warranted against defective materials or workmanship. This warranty is null and void if the product has been damaged by accident, misuse, neglect, improper service, or repaired by unauthorized personnel. This warranty does not extend to any devices that have been altered or modified, or damaged products or parts that have had the serial number removed, altered, defaced, or rendered illegible. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or replacement of adapter, electrical cord, applicators and other accessories. For warranty service, for a product covered under the warranty period, please use the information in the "Returns" section to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorize form (RMA). Please send products insured, packed with sufficient protection, postage insurance, prepaid to the address. Customer’s duty/brokerage fee, if any, must be paid by the consumer.

If you register your MyoLift™ QT device on our website using the link below, you will automatically unlock an extra year of warranty coverage!


Please open your box upon arrival and notify us within 48 hours if anything is missing or not working properly. Your device comes fully charged and ready to use. The battery will last approximately 20-25 treatments before needing to be fully charged. Charge your battery regularly! The device will not turn on if it is charging.
Requests for returns of item(s) purchased from 7E Wellness must be received within 30 days of delivery for an exchange or a full refund of the price of the item and must include a Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA).
Returns or exchanges will be accepted on devices opened and unopened in their original packaging so long as it falls within 30 days of delivery.
7E Wellness does not accept returns on opened items including: Gloves, TX Gels, Replenish Hydrating Spritzer, Eye,Lip and forehead Masks.
If you are returning an item, please note that return shipping charges are paid by the customer.
All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to arrange for the appropriate return or exchange.
Step 1: Contact 7E Customer Support by email: or, by calling: 888-412-3160. You must include your name and order number.
Step 2: 7E Customer Support will create a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).
Step 3: 7E Customer Support will email you your RMA form. You must print, complete and include the form when shipping items to our warehouse.
Step 4: Clearly mark the outside of the shipping box with your name, address and RMA number. Ship your item(s) to the address listed on the RMA form.
Step 5: Once your shipment is received by our warehouse it will be processed and you will be informed of a resolution of your RMA.

Please watch below video from our customer support team.